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API URL Address


Parameters Description

Parameter Description Example
URL Mandatory URL to be shortened. Please make sure to encode the URL before passing it as parameter. https://www.google.com
ALIAS Not Mandatory. If provided, max length allowed in 3 characters and only alphanumeric. Will be case-sensitive. rkp
APIKEY Mandatory API Key to be provided. This can be obtained after successful registration for API access. LKKDJWH67HJ

Return Description

The GET method to the API Url will return a JSON in following format:
{"return_code": "0", "short_url":"http://urlit.me/hyTr9"}

Return Codes:
0 : No issue. Short URL is generated successfully.
1: Issue with URL
2. Issue with ALIAS
3. Issue with APIKEY
4. Issue with API call method
5. Waiting time for 180 seconds before next call
* Incase of return_code = 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 no Short URL will be generated.

In case of any issues, drop a mail to help@urlit.me

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